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    Dancer / Choreographer / Model
    Owner of GlamGirlsLA
    Key Account Manager for Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege
    Digital Marketing Manager


Born and raised in Fremont, California, Katrina Jo began modeling and dancing at the age of three. Over the course of the next fifteen years she trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Lyrical, Modern and Hip-Hop dance styles at a premier performing arts studio in northern California. Her talent and abilities were quickly recognized, earning her national awards including "Ms. Teen Dance", "Ms. Dance USA" in addition to several for her choreography. Continuing her pursuit of dance Katrina enrolled at Orange Coast College as a Dance major and was both a member and captain of the OCC Competitive Dance Team. She then attended Argosy University with a major in Liberal Arts.

Following college Katrina earned a spot with the San Diego Charger Girls where she performed for three seasons while serving as team captain and Pro Bowl nominee for two seasons. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2009, Katrina was selected as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team where she would remain for four seasons - leading the team as one of their captains for two. Simultaneously Katrina brought her skills to bear by choreographing for other southern California dance teams including the San Diego Charger Girls, Los Angeles Clippers Spirit, UCLA, Golden Hawks, and UC Riverside in addition to countless dance studios. Her prowess and public profile made her a desirable judge for dance competitions such as the Pro Cheer Competition and Jam Fest Japan.

Sports and competitive dance aside, Katrina's dance background has also made her a sought after talent by many top performing artists and television studios. Having signed with Los Angeles based BLOC Dance Agency in 2004, she has been featured in a bevy of television shows, commercials and ad campaigns while also performing with the likes of Kaskade, T.I., Ludacris, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, The Pussycat Dolls and others. After increasing her public profile Katrina was able to successfully leverage her stunning African American and Filipino features for the face of the 2011 American Idol Campaign, La Rue, NVR Strings, QVC, ArtistiCreation, and various calendars throughout her Charger Girl career. Recently she signed to Triniti Management and Aqua Commercial Agency to facilitate further pursuits in the acting and advertising worlds.

Outside of her extensive experience in the entertainment industry Katrina also wields a healthy entrepreneurial sprit. She is the owner of her own promotional model and dancer company called Glam Girls, co-founder of Game Day Pros – a skill development company specializing in offering dance clinics to pro-team hopefuls throughout the nation, and co-founder of Powering Other Women - a networking organization which links top women of the industry to come together and empower one another. When she's not helming these roles Katrina manages the Los Angeles Reebok showroom where she facilitates celebrity outreach and brand events.

Article: Dancer, Model & Business Woman, Katrina Jo Speaks On Stereotypes, GlamGirlsLA, Reebok & More For #WomenOfWorth Interview

As we continue of our #WomanOfWorth series, we take a switch in careers for dancer, model, & choreographer Katrina Jo. The Fremont, CA raised talent has graced the field for the San Diego Chargers, as well as the Los Angeles Clippers amongst many other things. She is also the owner of her own company Glam Girls (which can be seen in Kevin Hart's latest movie Wedding Ringer.) Not to mention, she is also the Head of the Los Angeles Reebok Showroom. Read how she manages her plate as well as how some of these opportunities came to pass.

With all of your endeavors, what are some of your every day essentials? What can’t you be without for 24 hours?

Some of my everyday essentials are COFFEE, lipgloss, business cards, Ray bans, and my phone of course. If you ask me, these are essentials to taking over the world!

Being that you have been a dancer the majority of your life, What is the hardest thing about being a dancer in your opinion?

I think the hardest thing about being a dancer is the stereotypes you can sometimes come across. Some people don’t look at Dance as an Art or a Sport and they don’t know how much training, hard work, determination, skill, and physical activity really goes into dancing. People also don’t know that majority of dancers are balancing dancing full time with working or going to school full time or even both! With being on Pro Teams for 7 years, I realized the competition never got easier. Every year you had to get better, stay on top of your game, maintain your best physical state, take dance classes and continue training. You were competing against hundreds of women who wanted a spot on the team as bad as you did and you were being judged on dance skill, background, education, and looks. Although dance is a huge passion of mine it’s also something I worked very hard at for years.

What is your favorite style of dance & why?

My favorite style of dance is Jazz. I absolutely love it, especially performing jazz in heels! I enjoy the technique that goes into it and I love that you can have so much fun with it but also express your sexuality.

What is your favorite spot to eat in LA? What do you order?

This is a tough one because I’m such a FOODIE and I can’t pick just one spot so I’ll give you my top 5 favorite spots in LA – (in no particular order)

  • Soho House – everything on the menu here is absolutely delicious! Some of my favorite food items here are the truffle mac&cheese, the cheese plate, the salmon, pizza, and meatballs!
  • Craig’s – you have to get the Honey Truffle Fried Chicken. I clearly have a thing for Truffle anything.
  • In N Out – I LOVE cheeseburgers and I love me some In N Out. I get the same thing here every time I go: #2 no onions cut in half with an extra side of spread.
  • Cecconi’s – I love their butternut squash soup and their brunch is delicious.
  • Terroni – Their pasta is divine and they have a great wine selection. I also think they have the best Panna Cotta in LA!

  • You founded your own company, Glam Girls. Elaborate on what that is exactly and who it is for.

    In 2010 I started the company GlamGirlsLA. GlamGirlsLA is a full service event / marketing company that offers promotional models and dancers. Aside from being promotional models and dancers, the GlamGirls are also Alumni NFL / NBA dancers.

    The GlamGirls are pretty much for any client out there who wants to add a little more glamour to their event. We’ve done events with SBE, World Series of Beach Volleyball, Jason Markk, clothing lines, music artists, Myx Moscato, and more! We were also just featured in the movie “The Wedding Ringer” with Kevin Hart.

    Being a choreographer, having a great taste in music is almost mandatory. What are the top 3 songs in your Most Played playlist on iTunes?

    Right now – my top 3 songs are: “Truffle Butter” – Nicki Minaj feat. Drake and Lil’ Wayne, “Awkward” – Eric Bellinger, “Grown Woman” – PARTYNEXTDOOR.

    What is the best book you read in the last year?

    “GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso. This book is such a gem and is an easy read. I truly think every woman should pick up a copy for some great advice and some motivating tips.

    You are also the head of the Los Angeles Reebok Showroom, how did that come about?

    I was the Los Angeles Reebok Classics Ambassador for 2 years. After my 2nd year, the head of the LA Reebok Showroom ended up moving to Boston to work at the Reebok Headquarters so they asked me if I was interested in the position. I definitely was! I went through 3 months of interviews and about a year and a half ago I was offered the position to manage the Showroom and handle our celebrity seeding / industry workouts on the West coast.

    You were a Clipper Dance Captain as well as San Diego Charger dancer, if Los Angeles gets a football team any chance we will see you on the field?

    If LA get’s a football team, I hope to be on the other side of things and hopefully have a spot on their Entertainment team. Maybe field manager? Dance Team Director? Team choreographer? Just throwing that out in the Universe.

    What are your top 3 go-to on Netflix?

  • House of Cards
  • Spike Lee Films
  • Orange is the New Black – can they come out with their new season already?!

  • With your foot in so many lanes already, are there any other paths in the industry you would like to step in?

    I recently signed with Triniti Management and hired a new PR agency. I might get my feet wet in the acting industry but we will see how that goes.

    What is the best advice you have received so far in your career?

    I’ve been blessed to come across a lot of amazing people in my career who’ve given me some amazing advice but one thing that has always stuck is – step outside of my comfort zone. I know it’s not the easiest thing to do but it’s the best thing to do. We tend to stick to things that we know, things that are safe or feel familiar… but life really begins outside of your comfort zone. It’s when we feel challenged and even a little scared that we start to grow and branch out to help us conquer our dreams.

    When it’s all said and done, what do you want the world to know you for?

    I want the world to know me for my passions and as someone who brought love & light to others through entertainment.